Training Portal

We offer a turn-key Online Training Portal that allows clients to offer eLearning courses from their own website, or an OTS storefront hosted on our servers.  This training portal access point can have a similar look and feel as the client website. 

Clients establish Portal Administrators who will have complete management over students, corporate accounts, classes and class prices.  Clients can select what courses they want to offer and set their own prices.

Available Courses

As a Training Portal customer, you can offer OTS courses, or your own eLearning courses.

You can offer your own eLearning courses that are already developed, or utilize the OTS Course Conversion services that are available. In some cases, your existing eLearning courses may be made available to other portal users, providing you royalties on each sale.

Web Development

Full web development and design services that integrate the eLearning Portal or your Custom LMS are also available .

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Offer eLearning courses through your own training Portal without expensive server overhead
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