About Online Training Systems

OTS specializes in all phases of online training systems and full web development. Thousands of students have utilized OTS-powered courses for eLearning and education. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality eLearning content to both single users and Corporate Accounts through a wide variety of access points.

Our Products

OTS has an unparalleled ability to produce exceptional web-based applications combined with excellent working, database-driven programs on platforms such as asp, php, and asp.net. These application are both functionally superior and graphically enhanced.

OTS consistently delivers a variety of content-rich eLearning courses and other projects that easily integrate with any web site and/or intranet project. This includes web design from simple scripts to large, complex database-driven web applications. The size and scope of the projects are determined by the needs of the client.

Our Developers

OTS programmers have years of coding experience including all phases of the project life cycle, from project identification, to information and process gathering, to solution design and implementation.

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